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Drink For Deep And Peaceful Winter Sleep

With the temperature decresing also health problems start to appear, which often have an impact on sleep.  Therefore, below you can read how you by yourself can make to have a peaceful sleep in cold winter nights.thumbs_51402-cfakepathsleep-main-newbeauty

Just before going to bed, prepare a drink that will relax you and will introduce you the magic of the dream. Choose between chamomile or mint tea to drink with addition of honey, warm milk with honey or grains that will be sweeten with honey.  All above mentioned combinations contain tryptophan, amino acid which are responsible for relaxation and they very quickly reach the human brain.


However this time it  faces with numerous obstacles, primarly with substances that are found in meat. Therefore, people who have problems with insomnia should not practice excessive consumption of animal products, especially before sleeping. Around 45 minutes after a meal or warm drink with honey, tryptophan is already in the brain and creates a signal to create the melatonin, a hormone that improves sleep. Expect tryptophan, honey also contains sugars that stimulates the secretion of insulin, which dilates blood vessels, leads to decrease the high blood pressure and this will further accelerate the “sinking” in deep sleep.