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Drink That Relaxs Every Muscle

Are you going after exercise, fast walking or any other physical activity to your muscles are tight or have cramps? This phenomenon is due to insufficient hydration of the body, which is necessary for the transfer of electrolytes (such as sodium and magnesium) in the cells of the body. To deal with this problem those 4 ingredients can help that certainly have place in your home.2842_210114120541412_535x357

Electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium and calcium, prevent snoring muscle, but the products that usually come to mind when it comes to ingredients with that content are milk and bananas . They are not enough to calm the effects of intense exercise or walking. A perfect drink for relaxation of the clenched muscles can be vegetable juice, in which the main ingredients are carrots, celery, cucumbers and broccoli. After the exercise is recommended to avoid foods with white flour, white sugar and pasta, as well as to drink more water and other liquids.



-2 carrots
-1 celery
-1 cucumber
-1 smaller broccoli
Put ingredients in a blender and drink immediately this prepared fresh juice.

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