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Effective Trick for Walk in High Heels Without Pain

For pads of silicone gel and dry shampoo probably know, but this trick so far probably not tried.

But surely you know that silicone pads for high heels enough help. Made of silicone gel, placed in front of the shoe to foot would not be slid forward and to avoid painful soles of the feet and blisters. You can also apply on your feet dry shampoo to avoid slipping.

But here you suggest something else. Your troubles will come to an end because the solution is very much there! It is a trick for which you need a bandage or medical tape. Glue or connect the third and fourth finger (counting from the thumb) patch or medical tape and you’re ready to go!
Why does this work? This trick is based on medical theory – between the two aforementioned finger lies a nerve that produces pain in the legs. When the fingers stick, the lower the pressure on the nerve resulting in adapting to high heels.

Of course, this trick do you run if you have open shoes and in any case not too tight to glue your fingers!