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Eggs – The Cheapest Protein Source

Egg is rich in amino acids and protein quality . 1 egg yolk  contains 231 mg. of cholesterol.



To protect our health rather than eggs must stay away from sources of bad cholesterol. Example: opening of fat, savory pastries, fatty meats, such as kebabs. Because of bad cholesterol and trans fatty acids is full of resources as well as cholesterol level is high.The cholesterol in eggs has no trans fatty acids. From this point the egg is one of the best quality fat sources. A healthy person can eat eggs every day.


Because of the high levels of protein should be consumed especially frequently and it’s nutritious food is a very high value. People with high cholesterol can consume eggs 2-3 times in a week . One egg in terms of nutritional value is equal to meat in egg size. Within the egg lecithin helps the brain function to work  regularly. Acoording to all that is written here, egg is the best source of protein. But don’t forget “Also The Cheap One”. Now think before you eat. It’s great to know that  you have the cheapest source of protein in your hands.