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Essential Oils Against Serious Diseases!

Essential Oils Against Serious Diseases!

Essential Oils Against Serious Diseases!
It is wide and comprehensive assortment, so it’s not hard to find something that will help you about your health problem.

Previously we wrote that Biopotent company offers solution against this terrible disease. We’ve written a lot about this product and its effect on cancer cells, where we pointed out that the products you buy with this invaluable product indeed have a function in that hard disease “struggle”!

The company Biopotent presents several other products used to help alleviate the symptoms of various diseases, therefore the range is wide and comprehensive so that it is not hard to find something that will help you about your health problem. So, here is briefly introduction about the products in the assortment:

Hemp oil: gastritis, hemorrhoids, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative kidney disease, autoimmune diseases, acne, symptoms of menopause, detoxification of the kidneys and intestines, immunity.

The oil of black cumin: allergies, asthma, bronchitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, Type 2 diabetes (regulates the pancreas operation), the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides, gastric infection, hypertension, viral diseases, enhancing concentration and mental activities, immunity- The Only Oil that is use when chemotherapy and radiation.

Oil of milk thistle: Liver disease, fat metabolism, regulation metabolism, better mood.

Granulate thistle: Liver disease, lowering cholesterol (more than silymarin milk thistle oil, which means a stronger effect on the liver), it is recommended to take in the treatment of major diseases in order to support the work of the liver, it is better to clean the blood = faster recovery from illness.

Oil better linen: Heart disease and circulatory system, psoriasis, degenerative diseases.

Walnut oil: Hyperfunction thyroid, anti-candida and Escherichia, atherosclerosis vessels in the brain, nervous system repair, intellectual stress.

Grape-seed oil: the balance of good and bad cholesterol, elasticity of veins and arteries (very good oil for the prevention of heart attack), and an excellent cosmetic oil.

Apricot oil: Cosmetic oil, quickly absorbed, do not greasy the skin and does not clog pores, remove scars and prevention of wrinkles, suitable for the body.

Hazelnut oil: Cosmetic oil, construction and tissue collagen, the skin’s elasticity and capillaries, gently tightens the skin.

Oil Five Tibetans: Preventing the whole organism, a powerful antioxidant potential (the best for the person who has no health problems and illnesses and wanted to preserve that state) “fit for life”.

Nigella honey and Nigella Junior (just like Nigella for the children): Allergies, asthma, immune system (the strongest effect in combination with oil, black cumin, a combination of the recommendation for severe allergies and asthma).

Five Tibetan honey: detoxification of the body, cleansing the intestines, regulating digestion (combination with hemp oil, a powerful detoxifying function-detoxification and regulation of metabolism, the combination which is well recommended after recovering from the disease where is used antibiotic therapy, after chemotherapy, radiation, improper diet … ).

Four thieves honey immunity, prevention and aid in the treatment for cold, flu, respiratory diseases, all conditions where is a need to encourage the work of the immune system (also often taken in combination with black cumin oil, which has a strong immune modulatory effect).

Hepta sana honey: Liver and pancreatic cancer, anti-inflammatory activity (often a combination of oil seeds or granulate milk thistle).

Michael Honey: Honey with strong antioxidant potential, the best in combination with oil Five Tibetans.

Protein Strong 4 You: Building muscle tissue, weight loss, energy production (more oxygen in the body and better transport of nutrients).

Energy mix: Persistent energy and a better mood (great in combination with protein).

Vita-b: Against the hormonal fluctuations (puberty, menopause, not recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland), good in combination with hemp oil.

Happiness: Replacement for sweets, slowly release sugar into the blood, so there are no quick hunger attacks, better mood.

Cim-Cim: Substitute for sweets, regulation of blood sugar levels.

Well we hope that you find something for yourself, and those recommendations will help to solve your health problems.