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Experts Admonish Recommendations for Swimmers

Experts  Admonish Recommendations for Swimmers
Before you go to some of the beaches, experts recommend that you observe the following matters:

- Do not forget the necessary hydration (fluids).

- Before exposure to the sun, adequate nutrition is required (lighter meal).

- Do not expose to direct sunlight in between 11:00 am and 17:00 o’clock.

- Before you go swimming, protect the uncovered parts of the body with adequate sunscreen that suits your skin type.

- It is desirable to protect the head with a hat that has a wide brim.

- Pay special attention to the time that children spend on the sun to be shorter than that for adults.

- People who have a chronic problem (hypertension, heart disease, diabetes) should respect the advice of their doctor and do not expose to direct sunlight in the warmest part of the day.

- In the bathing area, it is necessary to have hygiene habits and to throw leftovers in the bins provided for waste disposal in order not to invoke undesirable insects.

- In the bathing area respect the house rules, which are usually hung up on the entrance.

- Do not jump abruptly into the water without prior preparation and wetting due to large temperature differences.