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Fasting with Fruit: A Popular Method of Cleaning the Body!

Your fasting does not have to last for several days. You can, for starters, implement only one day. Here’s how ..

Each fasting has a beneficial effect on the body – improves digestion, promotes excretion of toxins and excess fluid from the body, promotes self-healing.
Fast with fruit is a popular and simple method of purifying the body with the help of fresh organic fruit.

Preparing for fruitĀ fast

A few days before the fast, watch out for the food. Slowly turn off the refined sugars, processed and fatty foods, beverages containing caffeine and carbonated beverages if you use them. Drink plenty of fluids – water, fruit juices, soups and teas.

If you are going to fast one day, to make sure food the day before, eat a light lunch and dinner. If you are planning to fast longer, then prepare for the fast few days.

Fasting with one type of fruit

Fasting can implement with apple, orange, lemon or other fruit to taste. The recommended dose of about 2 pounds, or about 4 pieces of fruit, total during the day. Drink plenty of fluids, you can drink fresh lemon juice, if it does not already use as food for fasting. Good chew each bite. Do not eat, “standing”, too fast, and if you practice, do not be exhausted.

Allow yourself and quality rest, at least for half an hour. Your body will one-day fasting utilized for the restoration and cleaning. Without caring for the fructose from fruit – it will decomposed better than refined sugar.

Fast with more fruits

Same rule applies – about 2 pounds of fruit per day, in combinations that work for you. If because of certain health problems do not tolerate the combination of sweet and sour taste of fruits, select those that will not cause problems.

How long fast?

Fast with fruit may take 10 days or longer, but with mandatory supervision of experts. After several days of fasting, slowly return to the normal rhythm of feeding, making sure that the first 1-2 days you eat lighter food.

What can you expect during the fasting?

Detox can have symptoms, which may resemble a common cold. The body releases excess toxins, and this process can be manifested through headaches, diarrhea, sore throat and muscle aches.

Listen the needs of your body, the body during fasting will warn about what it lacks. Drink more water and rest. Before starting the fasting is obligatory to consult with your doctor.