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Five Home Remedies For Rapid Treatment Of Calluses

Five Home Remedies For Rapid Treatment Of Calluses

Their formation may be difficult to prevent, but it is very easy to treat. Here’s how.


Calluses exacerbate the friction and humidity would be good to your feet (when wearing shoes) when your feet are dry. Apply gel deodorant – stick (on the sides and around the tops of the feet) on clean and dry feet before wearing new, “never worn” shoes – it will reduce the friction on all problem areas and prevent potential formation of calluses.


The plasters reduce friction and prevent rub on the existing calluses, but the way they apply may affect the healing of callus. Make a small “tent” by making the sticky side of the patch to get closer so that the point where the gauze will be slightly bulging over the callus. In this way, the blister will have enough air and will get to accelerate healing and reduce friction also will prevent of callus cracking and creating an infection.

Green tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that accelerate healing. Boil strong green tea (using three packs) and add a teaspoon of baking soda. Allow cooling and soaked gauze apply to your callus.

Apple cider

Be careful, this could sting! Still, worth a try, because vinegar has antibacterial properties that prevent infection in cases of cracked callus. Soak gauze in the apple vinegar and gently tap over the callus.

Castor oil

Apply it on the callus before bed in order to help to dry out and heal the calluses. To further accelerate the healing, mix the castor oil with the apple vinegar in a ratio of 2: 1.