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Five Second Morning Habit to Always Be Fit

Five Second Morning Habit to Always Be Fit

If you are from those who hardly ever decide to child, to exercise even more difficult, but you always want to have a slim figure and perfect proportions, you should practice this little ritual of five seconds each morning.

The scientists came to the conclusion that the morning measurement affects the amount of food and type of food you will enter during the day!

It is a new study of American professional journal “Journal of Obesity”, which has proven that people who measure themselves every day more easily maintain the desired body weight, compared to people who do not have this habit.

“People which are measured each morning take care more what to eat during the day, because they figure the scale all day long in their head and admonishes them,” experts say.

The authors concluded that the measurement of the morning affected the desire of participants to start a diet or at least reduce their caloric intake and fatty foods.

“The recording of weight datas and regular monitoring figures has the power to raise awareness of the individual and make them to choose healthier food and exercise,” explained the study authors.

What is the best of everything is that after the lost weight, respondents who were measured every morning held a desired weight even up to two years and thus prevent a yo-yo effect, or returning the kilograms.