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Food that Will Regenerate the Lungs of Smokers

Food that Will Regenerate the Lungs of Smokers

All those who can not give up cigarettes should at least consume those foods which will favorably influence the treatment of lung from tar and nicotine.

Do not expect that deposits of tar and nicotine will disappear from the body by themselves, but the addition of these ingredients in the nutrition can significantly refine your lungs and reduce the possibility of getting cancer.

 Corn is rich in beta-cryptoxanthin which makes it important antioxidant.

 Brazil nuts contain a higher concentration of selenium than any other food, and selenium is considered one of the strongest natural antioxidants, so it would not be a bad idea to find these nuts more often on your desk.

It is not necessary to mention how much the arc is valuable for the organism, and, among other things, is also known for having prevented the development of new cancer cells.

 Ginger. There are countless ways to use it, and it will be your strongest ally in the fight against all malignant diseases or simply to strengthen the body.

 Oranges also contain cryptoxanthin and are good as a preventive agent against getting lung cancer.

 Nettle is rich in iron which plays an essential role in the dsinfection of the lungs.

 Tea made from pine, which is commonly used for rinsing the mouth and throat, is another natural drug that will cleanse your lungs from tar and nicotine.