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Foods Which Cause Bad Breath

You think that just groceries like garlic, onion and coffee causes bad breath? Some only seem harmless foods can greatly affect to your breath,and believe it or not, if you are planning a meeting, you may need to  avoid  candies and chewing gum with flavor mint.bad-breath-works

If you drink large quantities of alcoholic drinks, your breath will not have a certainly pleasant smell. As is already known, alcohol is a powerful diuretic, and its consumption doesn’t encourage disposal to water only from the brain and body, but from mouth and prevents the production of the saliva. The salivia is rich in natural enzymes that break down and rinse stinking bacteria.Nobody defend you to drink alcohol in moderate amounts, but is not bad to drink a glass of water that will prevent that secondary phenomenon.


Although most believe that chewing gum and candies with peppermint are real weapons in the fight against bad breath, exactly peppermint may dramatically worsen your breath. Namely as soon as disappear taste of menthol,  the breath again can get unpleasant smell. According to experts, many products from menthol which “help” to refresh the breath they can also worse it more. Namely, many of these products contain sugars that are actually clean food for bacteria.
Of course, if a few times weekly you consume meat, it will not affect the breath, but if exaggerate with consumption of protein, then you could have problems with bad breath. Namely, when the body is fed with greater protein than necessary, they are broken down into carbohydrates. One of the side products which occurs in this decomposition is ammonia, which its output you can find through your mouth.
Dried fruits
Dried fruits contain a large amount of biodegradable cellulose fiber were some pieces of fruit are glued to the teeth and between the teeth. You also need to have in mind the amount of sugar that contains dried fruit. And, of course, after eating dried fruits you should wash your teeth and clean with dental floss to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth.