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For Clear Head – Pear Juice

For Clear Head – Pear Juice

pear juice
Only 6.7 oz (2 dl) of juice from pears before you start to drink (alcohol) will not only reduce the level of alcohol in the blood but also prevent a hangover!

The researchers evaluated the level of hangover By measuring 14 common symptoms, and research has shown that the problems are “significantly reduced” thanks to the juice of pears, reports The Independent.

This juice, in fact, has the best act in preventing “a problem of concentration.”

The researchers said that the juice is only effective if you drink it before the alcohol before.

Australian scientists have so far studied only Korean pear, but are planning to test other varieties, especially considering that they do not know why pears act like that.

“It looks like a pear act on key enzymes in the metabolism of the alcohol, (alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase) in order to accelerate the degradation of the alcohol by eliminating or slowing down the absorption of alcohol into the blood,” explained professor Me Knox, and added that it has been “particularly observed a smaller concentrations of acetaldehyde “toxins for which it is believed that it is the by-product of alcohol.