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For Those Who Want To Lose Weight- A Vegetable That They Will Adore

Okra is preferred by those who diet,  because it is a vegetable that has low calories.



It is recommended for those who want to lose weight. Known as slower of aging effects, okra contains A1, B, B2, K and C vitamins. Also it contains folate, iron, calcium  and magnesium. Okra is also high in fiber and fulfills the daily requirement of magnesium. It is also an anti-aging vegetable that provides cells  and  skin renewal. While reducing stress and depression, helps to protect the nerve system. Shows diuretic effect and is also effective against constipation.

Maintains retina and is effective in preventing cataract. Supports the immune system and helps the liver to detoxify. Having a significant impact on the prevention of ulcers,okra neutralizes the acid in the digestive system. The sticky secretions in okra prevent the contact of carcinogenic substances taken with food with the surface of the intensive.

The insoluble fiber that okra contains stimulates the muscles  of the intestines and makes the “discharge” of intestines easier. By providing the regular working of stomach and bowels it regulates the digestive system and ensures discharge of toxins from the body. The sduble fibers in other way lowers LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels in the blood and reduses the risk of cardiovascular diseases.