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Formula That Will Make Your Metabolism Stronger Than Ever

As it is known, many medicament are derived from plants. That’s why alternative medicine has become so overlooked in recent years.


You can get cured from any disease in anothers ways not just by using medicaments. This way is hidden in the nature. Onion and garlic are  natural antibiotics  and we need to consume them  as much as we can.

Natural antibiotics recipe:

  • 1 head of garlic
  • half a lemon
  • half liter of water
  • glass jars
  • aluminum foil


Preparation: You take half liter of boiled  water , than you wait till it gets colder, after this you put a head of garlic but grated,  in a glass of  jar and in the end put a chopped lemon peel on it. After you close the lid, wrap in aluminum foil. That can prevent exposuring to light. Wait for 4 days in a dark environment. After waiting your medicament is ready for using. You can try every winter a few times and if you repeat this natural defense, the body mechanisms becomes stronger. You can take one tablespoon of the juice 15 mins before every meal, but with an  empty stomach. It is effective against germs and viruses from the outside. There is also no side effects.