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Get Used To Cook in a Healthy Way

We are all sometimes confused about the food we are eating.



Experts tells that food is healthy but the other day they tell otherwise. All this is because it is concerned with the preparation and cooking of food. For example: Macaronis  are very healthy but with the soses and butter that we put in it it becomes an unhealthy food.

So, how should we cook to get benefits from foods?


Never eat fresh vegetables  fried. During frying all the vitamins and nutrients that are in food will be lost. And what is worst they can turn and have  carcinogenic effects. Therefore, the baking methods should be applied.

Cooked in steam

We have to try and learn how   to cook in stream. It’s one of the healthiest cooking methods. Steamed fresh vegetables and fish carry the values ​​of all the vitamins.


All the foods that you boil, have their valuable thnigs, but mostly the most precious is their water. Therefore, the water of boiled vegetables could be used as a soup.


Try to consume fresh fruits and vegetables raw. Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower try to consume half as much as possible to familiarize yourself with them.


Get used to eat a lot of salads. Add cut fresh vegetables into the  salad as well. So that, the vegetables will be consumed raw. The only thing to remember here, is drawn and chopped vegetables should be consumed immediately. Fresh lemons, vegetables have more vitamins that lets you take advantage of.

olive oil

Get used to eat olive oil. Olive oil, is the most healthy food. Today the reason for the health of the people of the Mediterranean and Aegean, is the habit of eating olive oil. Cook all vegetables in olive oil and you’ll see that your cholesterol will be balanced.