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Grow the Elixir of Health and One of the Healthiest Foods

Grow the Elixir of Health and One of the Healthiest Foods in general just by yourself! Here are the instructions….

wheat sprouts
One of the basic ingredients n the nutrition of some regions in the world are different sorts of noodles, pastries and other similar food based on wheat. Unfortunately the breads, the noodles, pies and other food prepared by herbal flour is one of the most unhealthy sorts of food that you can consume. It makes people fat and at the same time it causes appearance of different sorts of diseases.

Nevertheless the wheat consumed in a shape that will be presented here can be transformed into one of the healthiest sorts of food you’ve ever consumed. You need to treat the wheat by provoking its germination and this way to consume it in the moment when it’s healthiest. That moment is best in the time between 65 and 75 hours from the start of the germination.

The moment of germination of the wheat is a real miracle of nature that the science couldn’t explain properly. The experts say this because at the moment of germination it comes to a chemical reaction by which precious substances are being created-and the same didn’t exist before germination process.  By the germination process it comes to multiplying of different vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the very wheat grain.

The vitamin C multiplies 6 times, the proteins enrich and become omega fats, while the “sleeping” enzymes get awaken and activated while these grains have high amounts of calcium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins from the group B. the most important thing is for these precious substances be set in such an interrelationship where nowhere else in the nature can be found and it’s especially good for the human being. As soon as they start with the germination process, they become enrich of super-ingredients, but their top is reached in the range between 65-75 hours from the start of the germination, when according to the experts it’s the best time to be consumed. In these moments the grain has even 700 times more magnesium compared to the white bread which is also prepared from a wheat grain.

There are numerous benefits from consumption of such a wheat for all people and especially it is recommended to the pregnant women, children, sportsmen as well as older people. The consumption of the sprouting grains of wheat favors the digestion system, the muscles, one of the best cures for depression and nerve problems. The grains slows down the aging and annul its effects, having positive effects on the skin, bones, they are extraordinary blood cleanser, good detoxifier as well as cancer prevention agent. The amount which is enough for you for consumption is 1-3 soup spoons of such grains. The grains have unusual but very pleasant taste for biggest number of people, and you can also mix them with fruit, honey, yoghurt etc.  The best thing is that this excellent natural food can be made at home, for free, during the entire year. This way you’re not depending of buying from the market, or from the weather conditions or the season of the year.

Regarding the instructions for preparation of the wheat sprouts, here is the entire procedure. Take 2 bunches (or even ore, if you have more members in the family) of wheat, clean them, wash them and put them into huge jar. Fill it with water, cover it with gauze and leave it during the night on the dark, on colder place. In the next morning throw the water, then pour in with water once again and once again wash the sprouts and pour the water away once again. Then the sprouts shouldn’t be in the water any more but just humid. The jar should be put horizontal in order for the sprouts to schedule in as thin layers as possible in the jar, and this way you need to put them into room temperature. The sprouts should be washed twice a day and then throw it away once again all the water, and the grains should stay in the jar as thin as possible scheduled. The grains will start sprouting after the first day even without water, and from the moment of appearance of the first spots of the sprouting the time measured for sprouting is to 65-75 hours from the start. Then the length of the sprouts should be 5-15 mm and you need to consume it.

In case you’re not clear with the described process, then have in mind that all the sprouts after the night in water for the next 3-4 days they should have little humidity and the access of oxygen and then wash them at least twice a day. The temperature where they are standing should be higher than 60°F(15°C). If you do this, the results from the sprouting will be inevitable. The wheat grains can be supplied without any limit, long to this process. The sprouts can be consumed during the entire year and the limitation is absent for anyone i.e. they should be consumed by all, starting from the children and ending with the oldest people in the community/society. The entire process can be done on similar way with other sorts of cereals.