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Health Source: Here’s why You Need to use Lard!

Health Source: Here’s why you need to use lard!

Lard is unjustly been neglected for years, and the reputation of it, claims to minimize its composition that it is damaging human health.

But the latest research is in favor of fat. Moreover, it is considered that it is even healthy for the body. Of course, as with everything else, with lard also you should not exaggerated, but it certainly deserves to be a part of every household just as in the times of our grandparents.

These are the advantages of fat:

By its composition, lard is 40% saturated fat, while, for example, coconut oil 85% saturated fat. Most of monounsaturated fats in lard make oleic acid, fatty acid which has health benefit to heart and which is associated with a lower level of bad cholesterol.

In pork fat has twice oleic acid than in butter.

Lard has high boiling point. Rather, its structure does not change when you heat it over 250 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, foods fried in lard absorb less harmful radicals in the case of other soluble ingredient, such as butter, which is increasing by roasting.

Of course, eating fried foods in large quantities is not recommended, but if you do that reach for good old fat.

The fat from the lard have all the advantages and has proven that the body needs to perform daily functions, but in smaller amounts than it was used in the past.

Fat contains calories, but studies confirm that it is a food that creates a longer feeling of satiety. The advantage is that the fat from the lard is converted into energy and helps in the absorption of vitamins.

Pig fat contains cholesterol, which in the body, under the influence of UV light is converted into vitamin D important for absorption of calcium.

It seems that our grandparents, however, knew what they were doing.