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Here’s How To Grow Your Hair Quickly

Patience is a valued virtue and moreover when you are waiting to grow hair. However there are some things that can help us to accelerate growth of hair.top_10_hair_care_queries_answered

Food has a major role in hair growth. Consume as much protein, nuts, fish and avocado.
Across pharmacy there are different types of supplements taken by mouth, which may favor the rapid growth of hair.

Cut occasionally peaks
Usually the hair grow about 1cm every month. If you wait two months you will see that they will grow quickly. If you don’t cut them, there is a risk that your hair can damage and more easily can broken.
Not to much washing
It is recommended that the hair be washed only 2 times a week. It may be difficult initially, but the hair will get used. Good is that when you wash your hair with shampoo don’t massage  peaks and concentrate more on the root.
Proper care
For hair to grow up they should be healthy. Use quality products, preferably natural and without  silicon. Avoid drying with to much heat and avoid the forks. Regularly use masks, don’t use bleach and don’t ever comb when the hair is still damp.

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