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Here’s How To Lose Weight With Coffee

There are people who can not start the day without coffee.Although this hot beverage does not contain many calories, nutritionists often when giving diets think that people who are not addicted to caffeine can very easily lose weight. Here are 4 tips to lose weight by not giving up from coffee.woman-drinking-coffee-photo-420x420-ts-78292954

1.Coffee instead of breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but people often replace it with a hot cup of coffee, and they usually eat a pastry.
TIP: Do not let coffee to be the first thing that you put to your body. Drink it after you have a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
2.Coffee bags
Many believe that coffee has no calories and a lot of it applies only to black coffee, various beverages like 2 in 1, 3 in 1, capuchino with chocolate definitely have a lot of calories.
HINT: If you want to lose weight forget the bag of sweet drinks. Better opt for tea or black coffee without milk.


3.Coffee instead of gym
People who drink a lot of coffee are less ranging from those who drink tea and try to live healthy.
TIP: next time if your friend calls you for a coffee suggest a walk around the city, good conversations and several gossip and of course promise her that you will burn calories just by having fun.
4. Five coffees a day
Caffeine addicts are similar to smokers, they often drink coffee out of habit, not to enjoy. Also it can happen to drink 5-6 cups of coffee in a day and it’s not good for health, also for your figure too.
TIP:Drink only 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day. Arrange them as you wish, but experts believe that it is best to drink between meals and before 18 o’clock.


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