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Here’s why the Diet Foods are Dangerous a Diet Food

Here’s why the Diet Foods are Dangerous a Diet Food

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Because of the sweeteners we are fat

Sweeteners that are low in calories, and are added to juices and dietary foods, are not harmless as many people think.

The increasingly research shows that artificial sugars not only fat, but can also cause serious health problems.

Precisely the kind of results appeared in the analysis of professor Susan Sviters as a result of the five-year data collection.

‘Expert witnesses clam that sweeteners lead to weight gain, and over time can result in health problems such as diabetes, “says Susan Sviters, with the American University Purdy.

Her research has shown that people (not according to age) who drink diet sodas and eat diet foods such as ‘light’ spreads, accumulate weight, but over time can develop type 2 diabetes worst forecasts suggest that over time can lead to heart problems.

Although some scientists don’t believe to the findings of Professor Sviters and claim that she did not have enough relevant parameters in the study, although you should be careful and do not exaggerate with artificially sweetened and dietary foods.