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Hidden Signs of a Drinking Problem

Hidden Signs of a Drinking Problem

Hidden signs of a drinking problem
It is common to hide addiction. Alcoholism is not immediately obvious; they can hide it for a long time because symptoms of alcohol addiction vary in every person or because they also try to hide it. If you find something that your loved one is trying to hide, then you should check it out. Although there may be several reasons to hide alcohol addiction as most people find themselves unable to cope with problems, therefore, embrace alcohol to avoid them.

Health problems

When a person sleeps after drinking alcohol at night, he may have some physical symptoms the next morning. Many alcoholics have a very severe headache. Apart from this, they can vomit or the whole body can also suffer from pain. Thus they have a hangover but they may refuse and the alcoholic can create an excuse that maybe he has eaten something wrong due to which this is happening.


This is considered to be the most common symptom of alcohol addiction. The US National Library of Medicine revealed that if a person tries to hide the problem of drinking, he starts behaving like paranoid such as many times hestarts talking to themselves or sometimes alcoholic tries to avoid rather than to respond to the question.

Spending more time alone

Instead of friends or loved ones, spending more time alone is another common sign of alcohol addiction. As a person starts consuming excessive alcohol, he starts making distances from people. The main reason for this is that no one can see that he drinks alcohol. Apart from this, embarrassment and irritability can also be due to isolation.

Gum chewing

Gum chewing is considered one another most common symptom of alcohol addiction. As you know that alcoholic mouth smells of alcohol, therefore the alcoholic starts chewing gum after drinking so that no one may smell the alcohol.

Lying about drinking

Usually, the alcoholic starts lying to hide alcohol addiction. If you get a bottle of alcohol in his room or under the seat of the car so it becomes clear that your loved one is addicted to drinking alcohol. One reason for hiding your loved one’s wine bottles is that he wants to hide any problem with alcohol.

Financial problems

Drinking alcohol every day or consuming excessive amounts of alcohol can be very expensive. Because of this, you may have trouble with cash or if there is not enough money to pay for bills of alcohol, then the alcoholic starts borrowing. He can start asking for money from friends or relatives.

Mood swing

It is natural to have mental and physical problems due to the misuse of alcohol for a long time. The behavior of an alcoholic can be changed by alcohol such as getting more angry, irritability or be more violent. Apart from this, he may suffer from aproblem like depression. So, this could be a big sign for you.

Problems at work

This is one another most common symptom of alcohol addiction. Usually, the interest in the work of those people decreases who starts drinking. They want to avoid their responsibilities like sudden poor performance in college or office.