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How Often do You Have To Change And Wash Your Pajamas

How Often do You Have To Change And Wash Your Pajamas

Statistics show that ladies change their nightgowns or pajamas every 17 days, which is extremely dangerous for the health, say the experts…

Our clothes we change our clothes daily and we regularly wash it. Bed linen less often, but the surprising results of the study show that we wash pajamas extremely rare!

So, ladies wash their pajamas on average every 17 days!

Experts warn that wearing such intimate subjects a long time can lead to skin infections or cystitis.

“Pajamas are directly next to the skin, and skin cells constantly fell off. Pajamas are full of microorganisms.

We all have microorganisms on the skin or in the intestines, which are usually not harmful, but if they find themselves in the wrong place can cause nasty problems,” explained Sally Bloomfield, professor at the London School of hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

 She added:

“Many people carry the bacteria staphylococcus, which can lead to infection if it enters into the wound. We all carry bacteria E. coli in the intestines.

Most are not harmful, but if you enter the urinary tract, it may cause inflammation.”

Her team came to these statistics after surveyed over 2,400 British couples aged 18 to 30 years.

Although the men change their pajamas every two weeks, their main excuses in 73 percent of cases are that their partner did not wash their pajamas.

On the other hand, the main women’s excuse is that they often change their pajamas so they can not remember which pajamas are much worn. Half of the ladies believe that pajamas should not be so often worn because we wear it only a few hours during the night.