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How To Convince Children To Eat Fruits ?

Many parents are well aware how difficult it is a part of child nutrition, especially of giving fruits. Explaining the importance of eating seasonal fruits almost never gives the expected effect. Often, from 4 to 7 years, the child develops a neofobi to new foods and he does not know.


However, you should not surrender to the whims of the child first, because it is a fundamental food for health and growth. For that matter there are some simple tricks fruits of which will look very tasty to their eyes.

-During the meals, if your child eats more, the feeling of satiety will stop him to eat fruit. To avoid this, you should serve fruits between meals as a snack. If you do this , then you will get two advantages, first, will create a useful opportunity to offer your children a healthy mini time with fruit and secondly, It will remove them from foods defined as “trash”.

-Often a help for you in this case is also taking away the children to do some shopping. You can choose to involve those who own fruit. Also, prepare the fruit (to wash, peel) .

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