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How to Force Yourself to Drink Eight Glasses of Water Daily!

How to force yourself to drink eight glasses of water daily!

The skin without water becomes dry and lifeless. Help her!

Try to acquire this habit:
1. Give her taste
For many, water is the most boring fluid and rather reach for the sweet juices. To avoid unnecessary sugar intake and loving the water, give it a little flavor.
In the glass bottle with a wider throat insert a few leaves of fresh mint, slices of lemon and orange slices and store in refrigerator. Vitamin water is tasty and healthy.

2. Leverage the power of your smartphone
Believe it or not, on the phone can install a number of free apps made just for this situation. It is a reminder to warn you that it’s time to drink water. Although it sounds strange, these applications are very useful.

3. Get a nice bottle for you
During the day, we are constantly in a rush and the crowd and therefore we forget the need for a liquid, which is then reflected negatively on our body. Get a nice bottle of water that you constantly have with ourselves. Put it in a bag and take with you everywhere. When you’re at work, place it on the desk to make you constantly under hand.

4. Make water becomes an appetizer
This trick really works. Besides you will acquire the habit of drinking water, will help with weight loss because it will reduce the feeling of hunger and therefore eat less. Before any meal, and that goes for snacks between meals, drink at least half a cup to a cup of water. Let this trick a habit.

5. Follow how much water you drink
If drinking water is a real passion, make a plan.
Calculate how much water fit in your bottle and make a calculation of how much you need to drink a bottle of water throughout the day. For example, if your bottle stood half a liter of water, the goal shall be your drink three bottles throughout the day.