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How To Get Rid From The Spreaded Problem-Bad Breath ?

 Bad breath,  known  with the medical name halitosis, is a problem spread across  the community. Bad breath may be a harbinger of diseases like, sinus and lung infections, diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, metabolic disorders,  tonsillitis and gum disease.
Here are some methods to be implemented in order to avoid halitosis:


*All of dental caries, fracture fillings or crowns or bridges should be treated  and buried, problematic teeth must be pulled.
*Tooth and gum disease, is the major cause of bad.Regular dentist visits should be done every month.
*Foods that fleeing and remain between dentures, fillings and dental bridges may cause bad breath. So to avoid it you should remove and clean your dentures every night.
* To clean your teeth from bacterial plaque and food debris  at least twice daily brushing and flossing every day is essential.
*One of the causes of halitosis is  Madiran stratification in the tongue . Bacteria layers and the food waste are accumulated at the back of the tongue, on the viability of bacteria in a short time becomes favorable.Therefore we need to make a habit of brushing our tongue.
*Salivary  is one of the best ways to fight bad breath. So according to this chewing gum reduces it. Chew sugarless gum to increase saliva,wich helps for a better oral hygiene.
*Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth. In order to prevent dry mouth, drink as much  water as you can.  Fruits and vegetables with a water content (tomatoes, leeks, strawberries, watermelon) should be consumed. Parsley is effective in cleaning our breath naturally. Coffee grains and lemon peel removes bad breath.
* Smoking is obvious that cause bad breath. We need to reduce tobacco use.

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