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How To Keep The Glow Of Colored Hair?

Freshly colored hair is shiny, but with each washing the glow disappears. To prevent the disappearance of the color, here are some simple tips.glossyhair

Blond hair – blondes can preserve the bright color of their hair using chamomile. Once a week, wash your hair with chamomile tea instead of plain water. It will restore the shine of your hair, and in fact will make it healthier.
Brown hair – to save the intensity of brown hair, make a mask from one egg and a cup of strong black coffee. Apply the mask for 20 minutes after washing the hair and then wash it with shampoo which you use regularly.

Black hair – regularity and gloss of the black hair can be maintained with the beer. Mix two tablespoons of beer in half liter of water. With this mixture wash your hair, leave on for a few minutes, then wash thoroughly with water.
Red hair – the red color fast lose the shine. To keep the intensity of the red color, wash the hair occasionally with cranberry juice. In this way, your color will be permanent, and the hair will be shinier.

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