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How To Reduce Cholesterol: 5 Good And Tasty Substitutes

Want to get rid of cholesterol, and your food to lose flavor? Most people think that if you take care of your cholesterol, you have a tasteless meals. But it is not exactly like that, so here are some good substitutes for foods you already eat, and that will facilitate the diet.high_cholesterol_warning_sign

1.Replace oil with nuts in salad
Carbohydrates can cause high cholesterol levels. For a healthier salad, replace oil with nuts, which are high in polyunsaturated fats. They will reduce the level of cholesterol.
2.Drink red wine, not cocktails
Moderate consumption of alcohol can cause a mild growth of so-called “good” cholesterol. However will not help margaritite or mixed fruit juices that contain carbohydrates. Switch to red wine – it has a tenth of the carbohydrates contained margaritata, and antioxidants that reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and increase levels of “good.” For women recommended maximum one cup a day.
3.Edamer cheese and nuts, not ordinary cheese and crackers
For a snack do not eat crackers and cheese, which are high in saturated fat, and they are the main culprits for increasing levels cholesterol. Instead eat nuts and Edamer who have low levels of saturated fat.


4.Margarin instead of butter
One tablespoon of butter contains more than 7 grams of saturated fat – that’s more than a third of preporacheniot daily input. It also contains high levels of cholesterol. Replace butter with vegetable oil prayers, and thus from good fats instead of bad. And instead of butter for cooking, use olive oil.
5.Chicken  is good, but the fish is better
Although chicken and turkey have less saturated fat than pork, lamb and beef, and they contain cholesterol. One of the best ways to reduce cholesterol in the diet is to eat more fish, which has very little fat and contain omega 3 fatty acids that are good for the heart.