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How To Speed Up The Arrival Of Menstruation In A Natural Way?

Near an important date or holiday, or weekend trip, and with it the largest female problem- menstruation?! Want to speed up the process ahead of time to get rid of that concern? Here are a few completely natural and safe tricks that will fulfill the desire.Hot-water-bottle

Hot bath and coatings
Maybe one of the fastest methods for accelerating cycle is the hot bath. Not only relax, but also relieves PMS symptoms. The same way they act and warm compresses to the abdomen.



Vitamin C
According to some studies, vitamin C can lead to the premature arrival of the cycle. Strive to enter in a natural way, rather than tablets. Consume black currants, yellow and red peppers, oranges, kiwi …
Good for general health, less painful menstruation, and to improve circulation. However, they avoid intense exercise and focus on those that improve blood flow throughout the body.
Avoid excessively salty food that makes you sense of bloating. Instead, eat foods rich in carotene – papaya, carrots, apricots, peaches, spinach.
Be careful with tea. Drink only two glasses and a few of the following herbs: chamomile, ginger, parsley, rosemary, sage, raspberry leaf …


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