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How To Stay Healthy This Year

Start living healthier, but not from  “Monday”, but from today. Here is how to do it.Live_Healthy_feature705

 Reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates
White bread, sugar , candy… they are not nutritious, only they contain sugar that is quickly digested. The level of sugar in the blood rises and the body pumps huge amounts of insulin to be able to rewrite the sugar. What happens to unused surplus? It accrue mainly in your waist. Besides making aesthetic problems, it may endanger the health, because as a consequence it may develop diabetes or cardiovascular problems. So instead of them this year choose complex carbohydrates that can be found in cereals.


Do not sit all day
Sitting all day increases the risk of many diseases, from diabetes to some types of cancer. It’s the time to do something good for yourself and your health. Walk. Body exercises are not only for men. Few exercises with weights will help you look better, also and healthy.Trainings for power will help to lose 40% more fat than cardio exercises and are effective to speed up the metabolism.
Do not drink carbonated drinks
Fizzy drinks are full of artificial sweeteners. A survey conducted in America found that people who drink 2 fizzy drinks a day, for nine years added 5 times more fat around the waist than those who did not consume those drinks.
Do not skip meals
Those 10- 15 minutes that you will spent to sleep more, can be used for eating breakfast. There is no excuse for skipping a meal. Breakfast helps the improvement of metabolism and positively affects the enzymes that regulate cholesterol levels.

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