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How To Stop Cough In A Natural Way?

Winter months are those period of the year when colds and flu have the greatest widespread. One of the most annoying symptoms that occur during the season of colds and flu is coughing. Here are some natural remedies for cough that are accepted like effective:1B5532727-g-hlt-130114-coughing-stock-12p

You could say that honey is the most popular and most effective means of alleviating the cough. And medical experts agree that eating honey before bed reduces the cough and improves sleep.
Warm lemon water with honey
In a glass of warm water squeeze one lemon then add one tablespoon honey. This is a popular natural remedy for sore throat.
Syrup from onion and sugar
Juice from onion is a popular remedy against cough. Many argue that it is the only thing that has helped them to get rid from dry cough.


Syrup of onion, garlic, thyme and honey
Mix half a cup of honey with half a cup of water in the liquid and add one clove crushed onion and one clove crushed garlic. Add a little thyme and leave the mixture to stand overnight. The next day drain the liquid and drink it as a syrup. Stow the syrup in the fridge.
Boiled onion and honey
In a deep bowl boil chopped onion until it gets soft. Then mix the onions with honey. Eat a small meal every 4 hours.
Tea from thyme or basil
The teas from thyme and basil also suppress the cough, and for maximal effect, while it is warm add one tablespoon of honey.
Tea from ginger
Ginger can help you to reduce cough. Prepare it as a tea to use and benefits of consumption of the hot liquid.
Hot drinks – teas, hot chocolate, soup
The cough strength when throat is dry and when you feel scratching. To eliminate it, you need to drink constantly hot drinks. You will feel great relief whether if you consume soup, hot chocolate or teas.