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How To Stop Diarrhea? – Tips And Solutions

Reasons for diarrhea are different. Diarrhea usually occurs as a consequence of errors in nutrition or with to much consume of some food (especially vegetables), can occur after a night with too much alcohol, or as a consequence of virus, bacteria or other digestive disorders ….Stop-Diarrhea

What I laugh, and what I can not eat?
In general for quick to stop diarrhea you should eat sweet and dietary foods. So your meals should consist mostly of: cooked potatoes, cooked carrots, rusk, toast, some soup, banana etc.. You can’t eat grilled food, or any other heavy foods. Food that is problematic for digestion can make larger and heavier complications.



Important in connection with the intake fluids …
A big mistake made ​​when doctors advise patients to drink plenty of fluids, without explain what fluids and in which way to consume. You should drink plenty of fluids, it is a fact, but not suddenly and for a short period. Liquids need to take less and more often. For example you should drink one glass of water or tea every 2-3 hours. Don’y drink milk, juice or alcohol. The juice is a bad choice when you have diarrhea, people often make mistakes here. Drink water,  chamomile and mint tea. Chamomile tea and mint has a really good effect. Also people often do wrong and consume carbonated water.

Grated apple as a solution …
Grated apple is known as solution against diarrhea. Like fluids,and greated apple should be consumed less a few hours. It is best to  mix  grated apple with  blueberry or black currant. They are foods that calm down the intestines and are very effective, however, if you don’t have these groceries, in the grated apple you can add banana. Banana is a fruit which also has the power for the stabilization of intestines and restore their normal function.

However  we must warn you! If diarrhea not pass on the third day, you can immediately see your doctor. If however in the diarrhea you notice blood stained, then immediately no matter how many days it lasts, you should visit your doctor.