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How To Whiten Teeths? Here We Recommend Some Nutrients That Would Help

White teeth and a radiant smile is the wish of everyone to have. However, external factors such as tea and cigarettes, causes it to lose the whiteness of the teeth.


These food whiten teeth:
*Strawberries: this fruit is known with it’s nice taste and pleasant smell . It prevents plaque formation on teeth. However, because of the acid in strawberries and sugar and to prevent any damage to the enamel of the teeth or mouth should be rinsed with drinking water after consumption.
*Oranges: This fruit’s peel can be achieved through the natural toothpaste. Apply several times a week to benefit.
To keep teeth strong:
*Milk: chin strengthen bones, protects against gum disease. Calcium is very important.
*Salmon fish: these foods are of great help to the development of teeth in children, is rich in vitamin D and calcium.
*Oranges and citrus fruits: these foods are with a high content of vitamin C, female’s hard layer strengthens the teeth, acid protects against gingivitis, prevents connective tissue, strengthens the gums and remain healthy provides.
*Water: the effect is indisputable and maintains high salivary levels.
*Orange and pineapple: has enamel protection, as well as saliva on the positive effect .
*Sesame seeds: reduces dental bacteria in plaque formation
*Almonds and dried fruit: has a cleaning effect and reduces plaque formation on teeth. It is very important for the health of the gums.
*Sage: in terms of oral health is very important.