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Insect Bites: How To Identify The Bite Of The Flies – “Klintons”

 Insect Bites: How To Identify The Bite Of The Flies -  “Klintons”

Great swelling and infections that occur as a result of insect bites should be sure to review the doctor … ticks, and flies may have a dangerous bite!

Dermatologist of Dr Goran Isailović explains that this are some sort of flies, similar to Golubac which, however, has a different mouth apparatus.

“Therefore, its bite makes a bigger hole in the skin, which is very itchy.

The injection site can dramatically swell, and because of a nasty itch, scratch it increases the chance that the toxin can go deeper under the skin, causing infection and even inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

First aid in these situations is a cream to reduce itching, but then immediately should see a doctor “advises of Dr Isailović.

Nevenka Dimitrijevic, general medicine specialist, explains that every week in office came a few patients with similar symptoms.

“It is difficult to assess which insect comes in question. Many do not even know their names, we know that they bite so powerful to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and tissues and cause severe inflammation.

The doctor explains that these insects appear in recent years and people suspect that they were bitten by flies commonly known as klintonka.

“These are the flies that were once located next to the stables, and now they are growing, and they are everywhere, especially along the rivers,”