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Irregular Menstruation: What Can Disrupt The Cycle? | Health Needs Care
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Irregular Menstruation: What Can Disrupt The Cycle?

There are many factors that interfere with regular monthly cycles in women. Absence of monthly bleeding usually is not dangerous, and appears from time to time with the ladies.  Irregular menstruation is a very common phenomenon that sometimes happens to almost all women.period_symptoms_of_irregular_menstruation_1304_x

Often it is not dangerous, but every lady needs to take account of the date of the beginning of its cycle and be aware of the cause of the delay and the possible consequences. Besides regular gynecological examination, it is necessary to find out all possible reasons who comes to menstruation disorder to consult with your doctor about treatment. These are some of the most common reasons.

Pregnancy – during pregnancy a woman’s body produces different amounts of hormones that cause cessation of menstruation. However, in some cases poor woman experiences bleeding or delayed menstruation, before completely stop during pregnancy.
Stress – stress is one of the most common causes of irregular periods. The stress hormone, cortisol, directly affect how estrogen and progestron, sex hormones, the body produces. If you have too much cortisol in the body, menstruation may be omitted.
Exercise- the body during menstruation  needs energy. If you spend too much energy to exercise, your body will not have enough energy, “those days in the month.”
Excessive alcohol- liver regulates the menstrual cycle, so that metabolizes estrogen and progestronot. Too much alcohol can cause liver damage and is involved in the metabolism of both hormones mentioned.
Polycystic ovary syndrome – although this syndrome is rare in some women, it causes the creation of an ovarian cyst and interfere with the normal process of ovulation . Other symptoms of this syndrome is excessive hair, obesity and infertility.
Menopause- as with pregnancy, in this period of life is changing hormone levels in the body. Irregular periods may occur up to nine years before menopause.
Taking other medicines – if you have recently been sick and you took prescription drugs, menstruation may be delayed because of this. The reason is the fact that drugs can inhibit the way the body produces estrogen and progestron.

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