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Lip Plumping Gloss Recipe

Who would not want at the same time to have shiny and plumpy lips. No one knows what the lipsticks that we use contain. But , you can do your own lip plump gloss with your own ingredients. Here is how to make it:lovely-lips-102679-500-333_large

1 teaspoon  of black pepper oil
1 teaspoon  of food coloring or cherry juice
1 tablespoon of vaseline
1 teaspoon of vanilla oil
1 teaspoon glycerine
1 teaspoon of aloe vera oil


Mix all the ingredients one by one and add them slowly. Instead of food coloring if you add cherry juice you will have a tasty lip plumping gloss too. Put the cream into a bowl and use it when you want.
Healthy, cheap and you know what you have added to it. Use and have beautiful plumpy, glossy and sexy lips.

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