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Lose Weight And Keep The Line With Only One Rule

The time has come to defeat the principles of weight loss such as counting calories, diet according to blood type, food intolerance and other tricks to lose weight.

diyet-2-288x300If you are fighting with extra pounds, the only thing to do is to eat foods that keeps you satiated for hours . In modern times people are fed with foods that are not good for the human digestive system. Processed food is full of artificial additives not good for our digestive system. Today’s people enters the body too much carbohydrates, and a little move and does not burn energy from food. Scientists advise eating to introduce more protein and good fats, such as in food are digested and thus keeps the body fed in a while.



Protein Food

Which foods are rich in protein?
Foods from animal origin: meat, fish, milk, dairy products (cheese, cream, yogurt, sour milk, sour cream, ice cream …) and eggs. Grocery-vegetable: cereals, cereal products, potatoes and leguminous vegetables (beans, peas, green beans, soy .. .).