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Magic Drink for Weight Loss

Magic Drink for Weight Loss

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Green tea with the addition of mint and orange was designed by the famous Dr. Oz


33.8 oz (1 liter) water
5 bags of green tea
1 orange
a handful of fresh mint leaves


In one liter of hot water, add five sachets of green tea. Leave in place for about 3 minutes, then let the tea cool.

An orange cut into slices. For beverage use organic orange, so you can cut paddy or otherwise peel, but be sure to leave the white part of the peel. In a large pot or jar with a lid, pour green tea and then add orange slices and a handful of fresh mint.

Close the jar and let it sit overnight to in order for the ingredients to be well combined. Half a liter per person is sufficient amount for one person during the next day.

Dr. Oz recommends one cup of this drink before each meal and promising resulting battle with their weight.