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Make Sure do You Have any Fungal Infection Which Causes Cancer-HOME TEST

Candida grows in the intestinal flora of humans and forms an integral part.

This fungus also lives in the mouth, throat and genitals of most people.

The body of a healthy man holding a level of candida under control, but if for some reason the immune system drops and fungi proliferate, can cause serious health problems.

Unfortunately multitude of factors in our modern life to support the growth of candida.

Stress, overuse of antibiotics, poor diet, anti-birth control – all this affects the growth of candida in the body, which causes many problems.

Candida and Cancer

Dr. Tullio Simoncini – Italian physician and expert in the field of oncology, diabetes and metabolic disorders – claims that the cancer just candida, and the theories of conventional medicine about it, that cancer is the result of improper functioning of cells, is not true.

Dr. Simoncini is a doctor in the true sense of the word, which has always sought the truth for the benefit of their patients and refused to accept the dogma, which is dictated conventional medicine.

From the beginning of his medical career, he saw that something is seriously wrong with the conventional method of cancer treatment:

Simoncini realized that there must be a connection between all cancers – regardless of where in the body that are.

By studying cancer, he noted that all cancer growths had the same color – white, as well as Candida. Relating the white deposits with candida colonization, Simoncini went with further study of this phenomenon.

After a while, Simoncini realized that the formation of cancer cells is not a “mistake” in the work of the body, but a protective reaction to an invasion of candida.

The level of candida in the body can determine with the help of medical tests, which can be costly and in some cases not reliable. The most reliable medical test for candida to test immune complexes and IG test.

However, there is also a home test for candida, of unknown origin, which people use for many years to determine the level of candida in the body. The test is simple, free and gives reliable results.


Candida saliva test

Before you go to sleep, fill a glass with water and leave it beside the bed.

The next morning, as soon as you wake up, spit into the water.

Not trying to collect in the mouth large amounts of saliva, just spit the little that you have in your mouth upon awakening.

Leave the cup for 15 minutes.

Find the light source and look into the glass.

If your saliva left on the surface of the cup, or dissolve, with you, everything is fine. It is normal if the air bubbles are present.

If the water became turbid, or in the water see stip tapes, which drop down, or if saliva collected down, there is a great possibility that you have too much candida in the body.

In this case we suggest that you ask for advice from your doctor or try to get rid of candida in a natural way.