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Make Up Tricks That Will Hide Your Age!

 We already know that there is not a magic wand with which we can  stop time, and thus our years, and accordingly, have to age with dignity. Sometimes, there are moments  when you really want to cover those few wrinkles as the years have made them  or minimize  the circles around  eyes with a beautiful and appropriate shade. In addition, read a few helpful tricks on how to hide your age through unique makeup and thus to instil more confidence when you need it!sminka-trikovi-krijat-years-01

Visually Increase Lips - Apply lip pencil in the same color that your line outside your lips  have, but also after the surface of the lips. Thus, will visually increase the lips, and they will not look unnatural. Highlight the middle part with shadow color champagne, then goals lips brush with gloss without color. If you’re a fan of soft colors, the red variant of lipstick is always a reliable choice!



Highlight Cheek Bones - high and full cheeks are the dream of every woman, but not everyone is blessed with the same realization. But do not worry. Here are the corrector, and powder blush that you can always play with. Under the cheek bone, apply powder two shades darker than your skin, and correct surface cheek bones, apply powder or concealer two shades lighter than your skin. On top with gently moves apply the pink or cream blush and enjoy in glittering beauty!

Make Yourself a Natural “Lifting” Of The Eyelids - Over time, the skin of the eyelids relaxes and begins to descend down. At that point, what you need to do is to play with the form and shape of the eyebrows. Defined eyebrows give a nice shape to your face, and even better to highlight eyes and turning a blind eye skin with lowered eyelids, if you apply the same little brighter, white shadow or shade in the color of champagne. Thus, will visually  dry eyelids and ypu will look incredibly fresh.


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