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Make Your Own Lip Peeling

Lips are a part of our face so according to that they are affected from the cold and dirt. Moreover, they have a very sensitive skin so we need to take the dead skin on regular basis. First of all, do not attempt to apply the peeling that you use for the face to your lips. It can cause a lot of damages to your lips, even more than you were expecting.dud

We give you a solution. Make your own lip peeling. All you need are those ingredients:
1 teaspoon granulated sugar ( preferably brown sugar)
1 teaspoon of honey
1 teaspoon of vaseline
few drops of olive oil
few drops of jojoba/cocoa/orange oil ( you can use the one you want)


Mix all the ingredients with a wooden stick and  then put it on the fridge for 1 hour to solidify. After that with a toothbrush that you do not use brush your lips with circular and gentle movements. Do not use the mixture more than 15 days.  Sugar will clean the dead skin from the lips,while oils, honey and vaseline will moisturize. After all that rinse with warm water and then apply your lip balm.

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