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Musmula – Food For A Healthy Metabolism

Musmula (Mespilus germanica) is the fruit of our land been around for centuries.lekovita-musmula

It coils of pear and quince, and usually gives the fruit the same year. This sacred tree sometime in late April, and the tree can reach up to 7 meters. The fruit is harvested sometime in late fall, do not eat right because it is hard, so it leaves a few weeks to soften. Apart from the fruit  the flowerand leaf are used too. Since this fruit can make jam, various liqueurs and brandy. Aficionados of folk medicine say musmula is  a fruit which stimulates metabolism, improves performance of liver, strengthens overall blood and reduces joint and it is good for back hurts.


This fruit pressed lining thus recommended for bleeding in the mouth and treating various types of sprue. Besides this stimulates the secretion of saliva in the salivary glands, stimulates the digestion of food in the stomach, so it is recommended for people who have problems with digestion. We urge you to think a little about the use of this fruit. Its benefits are really great, and it deserves your attention. From now don’t miss to use it in  the Christmas holidays and the fast tables to add to your dinner table.

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