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Nail Biting Is More Than A Bad Habit

Nail biting is more than a bad habito-NAIL-BITING-facebook

Nail biting may increase the chance of getting colds or some other illness, because in the mouth you put dirty fingers. It can also increase the risk of paronychia, an infection of the surrounding skin around the nail. This infection may be a bacterial or fungal. In addition, if you have warts on fingers, nail biting is one of the ways in which they can spread to other parts of the hand.


Near the root of the nail is located white zone, which is also called “linula”. Even that part can be infected. Sometimes infections are temporary and can last from one week to two days.
Nail biting can have adverse consequences to your teeth. This can come to displacement of teeth, or destruction of tooth enamel. If you have to “do” something with your fingers, than take the ring and spindle, or find another occupation for fingers, for example a toy .