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Natural Cure For Kidney Stones

Natural Cure For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones occur when the kidneys are not able to process the toxins in the right way. Then there is the crystallization of raw minerals.

We present to you a few natural medicines that can alleviate the pain caused by kidney stones.

 Lemon juice, olive oil and vinegar

This is one of the most effective drugs for kidney stones. When you feel the first symptoms, mix 2 oz (60 ml) of olive oil and  2 oz (60 ml) of lemon juice. Drink all at once, followed by 11.8 oz (350 ml) of drink and water. Wait half an hour. Then squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the 11.8 oz  (350 ml) of water and add a tablespoon of apple vinegar, stir and drink the potion. The combination of lemon juice, apple cider and pies drink with water for an hour until the pain decrease.

 Barberry tea

This is one of the most natural medicines for kidney problems and bladder problems. Barberry tea may reduce infection, purify the urinary tract and eliminate the pain. Persons suffering from kidney stones are recommended to drink 16.9 oz (500 ml) barberry tea daily.

 Pomegranate juice

The seeds and pomegranate juice are another effective remedy for kidney stones.


Celery is a vegetable that has a great impact on the health of the kidneys and the entire urinary tract. You can add it to a salad, drink tea of celery or used as an additional ingredient into the dishes.


Tea made from basil has a positive impact on the health of the kidneys. If you have problems with kidney stones take daily one spoon of the mixture with one teaspoon of basil juice and honey.