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Natural Recipe for High Cholesterol

Natural Recipe for High Cholesterol
High Cholesterol

It is necessary:

30 peeled cloves of garlic

5 lemons

1 liter water


Clean the garlic and lemon and wash it with its peel then cut them into small pieces. Put all further ingredients in a mixer or blender. Place the mixture in a container and add a liter of water in and then put them on fire just to boil. Put the water in appropriate bottle while is hot, and then drain the content. That water should drain without stud in order for the liquid to cool. When the content is cool, put the bottle with water in refrigerator. Drink one Bicerin (cup of brandy) daily before or after a meal. The treatment lasts for three weeks in a row and then makes a break of 8 days, and once again makes another treatment for three weeks.

The remedy should be consumed once a year.

All of us start to think about the quality of food only when we face some difficult health problems. Our ancestors ate much healthier and more natural food than we do. They lived in harmony with nature; there was not this much junk food, but not so much suffering from various diseases also. It is time to start thinking more about our dish and begin to eat high quality food. Some foods do not burden our body; on the contrary, its role is to take out the toxins from our body. OrĀ as Hippocrates use to say: “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.