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Nothing Else Compares To Avocado-Health And Beauty All In It

Avocado fruit with a high energy value is rich in terms of fat and protein. Also plenty of vitamins A and E  and especially the whole  B group vitamins are contained in it . except those vitamins it also contains  minerals and potassium. Nowadays, avocado oil is utilized in the construction  of  beauty creams, sunscreens and shampoos.avokado_avokado__petra_sippola__natural_juice_therapist

Benefits of Avocado:

*Avocado, protects the skin from drying out. In particular, sensitive, dry, worn, aged skin heals and has a reinforcing effect.
*It contains plenty of vitamin A, that supports cell renewal.
*Prevents the forming of  top dandruff on the skin. So acoording to this it has  an important role in hair care.
*Helps to rejuvenate  body tissues and the skin. Recently, concise avocado products in skin care products are becoming very popular. This is because, naturally present in avocados are E vitamins which has benefits  to the skin.
*Avocado is an amazing moisturizer .
*There are effects on wound healing
*A good cell preservative and antioxidant.
*Strengthens the immune system.
*It is helpful to be protective against cancer.
*Avocados are effective against constipation.
*Avocado, which contain unsaturated fatty acids prevents the rise of cholesterol in the blood due to heart and vascular disease is the best natural remedy.
*Avocados, defuses the toxic substances in the body, which leads to old age destroys harmful substances. Therefore, slowing down the aging process plays an important role in preventing diseases.



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