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Only 5 Percent of People a Year is Completely Healthy

Only 5 percent of people a year is completely healthy
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According to research funded by the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates , not even 5 percent of the people in 2013 haven’t any health problems in 2013.

Health is all the more fragile, according to a survey of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted during 2013 - the results showed that only 4.3 percent of people hadn’t had any health problems.

The probability that you have a disease increases with age, the researchers found. In developed countries, about 64 percent of children under 5 have had health problems this year.

This percentage is increased drastically when watching age group of 80 and older. In this group, even 99.98 per cent of people have a disease. Often the people had more than one disease.

There are 2.3 billion people around the world who had at least 5 times health problems in the observed one-year period. Some of the diseases and conditions affect more than 10 percent of the world population.

These are diseases such as tooth decay, headaches, anemia, hearing loss and herpes. Scientists have found that the efforts of public health in the world focused on reducing mortality, but it is important to pay attention to other aspects of health care beside that.

The researchers analyzed information on 300 illnesses, from acne to the chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. The study was conducted on people from 188 countries of the world