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Oregano Wins the Nor Virus?

Oregano Wins the Nor Virus?

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Scientists have conducted a study that found that compounds of oregano oil can be effective in the destruction of nor virus.

The research was conducted in a mouse form of nor virus. They found that oregano can destroy the protein coat that surrounds and protects the nor virus.

A compound that destroys nor virus called carvacrol. It also gives a distinctive odor and taste of oregano oil.

Damage to the protective layer of nor virus, oregano allows other antiviral compounds to enter the virus and destroy it.

“Research must continue, but it is obvious that carvacrol in a unique way to attack viruses,” said Dr. led the study. Kelly Bright.

The scientists, whose research appears in the journal Applied Microbiology, point out that the research results are not credible, and that they plan to continue the research in order to reach concrete results.

Nor virus causes gastroenteritis, and some of the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and cramping.

It is very contagious and can be transmitted by droplets in the air, using the same utensils or clothes, the disease usually lasts about couple of days.

Currently there is no vaccine or cure only for nor virus, so therefore this is a very important research for the development of potential vaccines.