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Otalgia – Pain In The Ear

Pain in the ear is present in adults and in childrens. It is one of the most common reasons why parents bring their children to the doctor. Otalgia can manifest in one ear or in both sides, to be of a different character and with a different intensity (from the easy to unbearably extreme pain).Bolit-uho-pri-beremennosti

Causes for such otalgia
Otalgia usually is caused by injury, infection or irritation in the ear, but in certain cases it comes to radial pain. Radial pain is a result of injury or infection structures in the ear, like teeth or the jaw, which expands toward ear and simulate otalgia.
The most common causes of otalgia:
-Acute or chronic otitis (inflammation of the ear);
-An ear injury due to pressure changes;
-The presence of cerumen (earwax);
-Foreign body in the ear;
– Throat inflammation;
-Shampoo or water in the ear.

Rarer causes of otalgia:

-Perforation of the tympanic membrane;
-Arthritis that affects the temporomandibular joint;
-Infection of the teeth;
-Injury to of teeth;
-Eczema of ear canal;
-Trigeminal neuralgia.

Helping yourself at home?
There are multiple ways at home to reduce pain in the ear. The most commonly applied are:
-Setting a cold compress on the ear lobe in a period of 15-20 minutes;
-Protection of ear ingress of water;
-Using ear drops (this procedure does not apply if there is rupture of the eardrum);
-Taking painkillers;
-Chewing gum alleviates pressure and therefore pain caused by ear infections;
-Upright, vertical placement of the body can reduce the pressure in the middle ear.

When you should visit a doctor?

It is necessary to consult your doctor if:
-Body temperature is above 38 ° C;
-New symptoms appear such as dizziness, headaches, swelling around the ear, weakness of the facial muscles;
-Occur an abrupt interruption of the previously strong otalgija that often alludes to the perforation of the eardrum;
-Expires blood or pus from the ear;
-Symptoms such as pain, temperature fever or irritability do not improve within a period of 24/48 hours.

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