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Painless and Quick: Depilation Bikini Zone

Painless and Quick: Depilation Bikini Zone

If you decide to bikini waxing at home, buy a wax that is heated because is more efficient or better cold wax strips. Good choices are the ones based on honey, and purchase strips for sensitive skin. To obtain more effective waxing, some of your hair not to be less than a half centimeter. Apply powder on your skin, because the wax will stick.

Apply in the direction of hair growth and do not coat in width more than 0.3 inchesĀ ( 1 cm) and in length more than 5cm. Pull the strips in opposite direction of hair growth and after waxing the best use oil for children skin care. Additionally the best thing for the skin calm is chamomile tea. Cool the tea a little, soak a cotton pad and apply on the depilated area of the skin. Rinse with lukewarm water.

The skin is very sensitive before menstruation. Do not try depilation one week before menstruation. Studies have shown that women are most sensitive to pain in that period. If your skin is sensitive, talk to your cosmetician to apply wax to a very small parts of your skin. Brazilian waxing increases the risk of infection.

A study published in the English Journal of Medicine (British Medical Journal) found that Brazilian waxing or removing almost all the hair around the genitals, increases the risk of contagious infections. “Depilation removes the top layer of the skin, which serves as a defensive composition of the bacteria,” said Dr. Darren McKeown, adding that, if you notice changes in your skin, call your doctor immediately.

Remedy against skin redness:

If you want to reduce the redness of the skin after depilation, stir crumbled aspirin with a few teaspoons of water. The mixture gently put in a waxed area with a soak cotton pad. Leave for a few minutes and rinse with cold water.

Relief your pain with pressing hands. After using wax strips press your hand in that part of the skin to relief the pain. To prevent ingrown hair, the day before waxing, make a peeling. Also, you can take a hot shower for the hair to become soften and open the skin pores. Those methods will help for easy hair removing and less pain.