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Parenting was Changed by the Fathers

Parenting was Changed by the Fathers

Men put on an average of two pounds after receiving the first child

Family life, definitely changes habits

After the first child men, just like women, relax a little bit

The researchers followed 10,253 men for 20 years. They have studied them as they were about 20 years old and 30 and found that those who received the child more frequently get a few pounds more too.

- For example, men (180 centimeters) tall gained weight as the average of two pounds after the birth of their first child.

On the other hand, those without children have lost weight on average about a pound.

The research has not examined in detail the reason for obtaining the weight and parenting, but lifestyle changes probably has a role in this – explained Dr. Craig Garfield, head of research at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Dr. Garfield adds, that to have a child is a magical moment that changes the man. The family becomes a priority, and the parents begin to neglect themselves and their appearance, less exercise, stay more frequently with the children eat cookies, ice cream and other snacks, reports the Washington Post.